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20 new icons, this time featuring the Fifth Doctor (played by Peter Davison) for doctorwho20in20 ! Also, you'll find some of his companions, too!

Hope you like it! (And as always... if you like something, just catch it and don't look back! :P Although I must confess that comments make me a very happy mousie ^_^)



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DW - donna ftw

\o/ indeed!

Yesterday, just before going to sleep, I had a look at the who_daily community, and I saw something on that day's post that literally made me squee. Out loud. Loudly. (It was quite embarrasing, really! XD)

Not only is the first time I see a link in a comm that directs to some work of mine... but look at the little \o/ there!!!! That little victorious doll sign there absolutely made my day after a quite tiring day full of studying and working. I literally went to sleep with a smile on my face because of it! :D

I'm beginning to think I really need some holidays. Soon, if possible!
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20 'Doctor Who' icons - TEGAN JOVANKA

Here comes a new batch of 20 icons, once again for a challenge in doctorwho20in20!

This time I picked the Fifth Doctor companion Tegan Jovanka (played by Janet Fielding), who at first didn't caught my attention that much, but at some point I realized that she had become one of my most favourite companions ever.



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If you like some of these icons, feel free to pick and use them, of course!
DW - 5&tegan explain

First post! (Soooo nervous!)

So here it is.

After many considerations (and a loooot of time), finally here we are, trying to write a blog in english.
I feel a bit uneasy when I think about the little security I have writing in a language that it's not my mother tongue (we Spanish people are extremely self-concious when 'speaking' foreign languages... so much, it's really ridiculous!), but I must overcome it.

So, from this very moment I apologize for the many grammar errors I'll probably commit. I'll try to not make you, dear reader, cringe a lot while reading this, but sadly I cannot assure you that it's not going to happen.

I know that the thing now would be tell a bit more about me... but I prefer to do it little by little, so don't be impatient ;)

But, to compensate, here I leave you 4 variations of my current header:

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They're not specially impressive (as I did them quite quickly... and some time has passed since I last played with Photoshop), but I intend to, little by little, make some icons, headers, and other graphic works about various things. Hope to start with them real soon! :)